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Frequently Asked Questions

What does embedded or project-driven solution mean?

I work as an embedded resource with your organization. Other than the contract, most people would think I was an employee of your company. I work projects based on your needs for as long as you want.  Embedded contracts do specify a 3-month minimum. 

Project-driven is based on up-front estimated cost of the project. Projects require a substantial down-payment, followed by evenly-spaced payments until the cost of the project is reached. In this type of situation, only the agreed-to project is worked on, unlike an embedded contract.

Do you work on a W2 basis?

No. I work as a freelance contractor on 1099 only.  I carry my own PLI in the amount of $1 million.

My company is located in Arizona but you are located in California.  Can I hire you?

I work Remote, Onsite, or Hybrid in any state. I handle my own travel and lodging arrangements unless other agreements are made with the client.

How do you get paid?

I submit an invoice every other week for hours previously worked.  Payments must be made within 7 consecutive days after receipt of the invoice. Invoices pay be paid by check, Pay Pal, direct deposit.

Arrangements can be made for weekly, bi-weekly, specified days (e.g., 15th and last day of month), or monthly.

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