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Contract Clients

Experience & Expertise

Philadelphia, PA

Audacy, Inc.

API documentation

Internal Developer audience

Slack, Swagger, RESTful-APIs, DITA, Markdown, Javascript, Confluence, Jira, Agile, SCRUM, HTML, CSS, XML

Norwalk, CT

SlicProcess - After, Inc.

User and developer documentation including APIs and DITA documentation.

Houston, Texas

Spark Thought - Atmos Energy Corp

  • Natural Gas storage, compression and distribution. Operations and Maintenance Manual

  • Knowledge Management and Cybersecurity White Paper

  • Emergency Response Plan and Emergency Action Plan White Paper

Microsoft Word, Teams, SharePoint, PowerPoint, SnagIt

Bakersfield, CA
4-month contract

SlicProcess - Stockdale Radiology

Created a post audit response to a HIPAA compliance documentation audit based on a ransomware data breach. Response saved the company thousands in potential fines.

Microsoft Word, Outlook, LucidChart

Bakersfield, CA
2-year contract

SlicProcess - CharTec LLC

Created MSP Partner training materials used on the original ConnectSite and CORE portal. Other projects based on the IT Glue platform.

Microsoft Word, Outlook, Visio, ConnectWise Manage, ConnectSite, IT Glue.

Bakersfield, CA

SlicProcess - ARRC Technology

Created company-wide Operations Guide which was later adapted for use by CharTec partners. Included NOC, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Warehouse, and Human Resources. Based on the IT Glue platform.

Microsoft Word, Outlook, Visio, ConnectWise Manage, ConnectSite, IT Glue.

Glenwood Springs, Colorado
6-month contract

SlicProcess - Decypher Technology

Implemented Service Delivery Library and Knowledge Base based on the IT Glue Platform. Policies, processes, and Procedures.

Microsoft Word, Outlook, LucidChart, Visio, IT Glue

Visalia, CA
9-month multiple Contracts

SlicProcess - Valley Expetec

Implemented a Service Delivery Library and Knowledge Base. Based on the IT Glue Platform. Created staff training program to help with integration of a recently acquired company. Reprocess policies, procedures, procedures. SOPs

Microsoft Word, Outlook, LucidChart, Visio, IT Glue, Continuum, CW Manage, Trello, Slack, Asana

Bakersfield, CA
17-year ongoing contract

SlicProcess - ProSoft Technology 

Created 80% of the company's industrial automation driver and gateway manuals. Reduced an 1100-page Liquid and Gas Flow Measurement Computer manual to just under 450 pages with an improvement in customer satisfaction. Creation original documentation sets for InRAx, ProLinx, RadioLinx, and ProTalk product lines. Created (or was involved in the creation) of the company's entire documentation library including data sheets.

Microsoft Word, Outlook, MadCap Fare, LucidChart, Visio, RSLogix 5K, RoboHelp, AuthorIT, Adobe Acrobat, Git, Asana, Slack, Jira, Putty

Bakersfield, CA
4-month contract

SlicProcess - Kern Schools Federal Credit Union (Now Valley Strong)

Full IT compliance documentation for adherence to NCUA and NIST regulations. Data Center IT Security documentation, SOPs, process documentation.

Microsoft Word, Outlook, IT Glue

Mountain View, CA
4.5 year contract

SlicProcess - Apprion

Created the full ION documentation set including hardware and software. Enterprise-wide network monitoring system sub-guides (video, sensors, gauge monitoring, asset location monitoring, communications, etc.

Created ION Systems Basics Training as well as ION Systems Development Kit.

Created all KB creation functions.

Microsoft Word, Outlook, FrameMaker, Acrobat, Subversion, Bugzilla.

Bakersfield, CA
1 year contract

SlicProcess - Search Systems

Created hardware ad software documentation for a series of search and rescue tools used by FEMA. Created documentation for audio, visual, and search for urban rescue.

Microsoft Word, InDesign, Acrobat, Outlook

Sylmar, CA
1 year contract

SlicProcess - St Jude Cardiac Rhythm Management Division

Created mockups and usage documentation for a 3rd generation programmer medical device. Devices used to take external readings on currently installed implants such as pace makers, defib, etc.

Microsoft Word, Outlook, Fireworks, Captivate, FrameMaker, Telelogic DOORS

Newport Beach, CA
1 year contract

SlicProcess - CB Richard Ellis

Provided documentation support for a PeopleSoft implementation team. Created diagrams, fit/gap analysis, technical and functional specs, customization needs and analysis, training.

Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, PeopleSoft-Financials

Redwood City, CA
9-month contract

SlicProcess - Excite@Home

Web-based capacity planing and modeling. Helped create drill-down website to the rack level for each Regional Data Center (RDC). Created DB data including floow plans, rack layouts, rack unit specificatgions, policies, process flows, and procedures.

Microsoft Word, Outlook, Visio

Cambridge, MA
1 year conract

SlicProcess - BBN Planet

Prepared RDC requirements

Microsoft Word

Littleton, MA
1 year contract

SlicProcess - Compaq Computer Corp

Created notebook online and instructor-led training for a notebook product line. Created lecture lab and slides.

Microsoft Word, RoboHelp

Littleton, MA
9-month contract

SlicProcess - EMC2

Created Celerra product line documentation set.

Microsoft Word

San Diego, CA
6-month contract

SlicProcess - Prisa Networks

Created standard network documentation and well as Fibre-Channel documentation.

Microsoft Word, FrameMaker

Westford, MA
1 year contract

SlicProcess - ERS International

Created cell activation plan and sales training document. Taught field service personnel on cell activation.

Microsoft Word, Visio

Chelmsford, MA
5-month contract

SlicProcess - Agile Networks

Standard network documentation for Lucent Technologies


Visalia, CA
6-month contract

SlicProcess - Foundation for Medical Care of Tulare and King's Counties

Provided a post audit response to a HIPAA documentation audit based on a ransomware breach.

Secure Desktop, Word, LucidChart

Vancouver, BC Canada
6-month contract

SlicProcess - IT Glue

Contributor to the IT Glue product library. Created downloadable processes for purchasers of the product.

IT Glue, Office Suite, Slack, Asana, Visio, LucidChart, Jira, ITIL, ITSM

Bakersfield, CA
Feb 2022 - Present

West Coast Eyecare

Risk Assessment, Mitigation, Compliance Paperwork.


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